How to create website

Creating website is like fun. Anyone who don't have knowledge about coding and stuff
can create a website, they just need to drag and drop element and fill the content for their websites, free domain and hosting also availble for the same. There are more CMS (content management system) available in the market which will help you to create your website more quickly and efficiently. You just need to know the plugins which is library for any functionality which you want to embed in your websites like google map, google sign in, add to cart etc.

There are two methods to create websites

1. With Coding
2. Without Coding(using CMS, online tools)

Both has there advantage and disadvantages. But if you are going for coding you must have good hands on html css javascript and php,python.

With Coding

If your website needs any specific functionality which is different from other commercial sites. Then it is suitable to go for coding style, as you can create customized functionality for your website, for example if you have any gaming website, and you want to create games, you migt not get plugin in cms or any tool related to your websites. but yes you can create any games and fucntion related to them using javascript, or other programming languages. They give you freedom to customize your website.


HTML stands for hyper text markup language. If we can relate with real life it's just like architecture of your web page which include
This is the basic architecture for more details you can refer

2. CSS

CSS stands for cascading stylesheet, it is required to make your web pages attractive and pleasent. It makes easy to designer to maintain style of the page throught the development. there are three method of using css
1) inline

This is the basics of css for more details you can go for

3. Javascript

Javscript gives functionality to the website, without javascript site will be static, means it will be the just page without any function. For example submit your form, drag and drop, message box prompt, color change on particular event such as click, hover all are the part of javascript. We can create all the front end fucntionality using javascript.

like css

javascript also support two types of embed in the web page
we can use <script></script> tage within the page or use cdn link or we can create js file and call that file in our web page by stating it's path in <script src="path of script"/>

For more details you can go for

4. PHP

PHP stands for Hyper text pre-processor, it's bascially server scripting language and helps to create dyanmic and interactive web pages. If we talk about web development it is used for CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete)functionality on the database level.

For more details you can go for


Without Coding.

There are lot of CMS availble you can go for creating websites. Here we don't need to learn any coding, we just need to know what is our requirement, and related plugins availble for the same. Some popular CMS are
Word press (
Share Point(

Apart from this there are numerous online tools available where you can create your webiste, create your domain and host it. They give you full packages. blogspot( and


Both techniques are important it is recommended you learn both. But if there is dirth of time and the common functionality which is trending in the market only needed then you can go for cms method, as it provide you all the functionality which is generally a website should have. But this method don't give freedom to create customized functions. it restrict us within it's boundary limit

But in coding style you can create anything anytime from the scratch but for the same
You need time and dedication. But if you master(php and js) all these you can create anything as there are rich plugins and api available for both php and js, which you can use for complex use cases , like face detection functionality, machine learning etc.