Augmented Reality.

Have you ever thought what if your mobile device able to scan any object and you get all the information about that object on your device. Augemented reality nothing but it brings the digital information about the object which exist in real world. let's take an example, while strolling on the road you see some hotel, you wan't to know the whether any room available or not in the hotel, without asking any question just scan that hotel with your phone, you may get all the information like number of rooms, price of the flat, and all accomdation information.

Augmented Reality changed the experience of digital technology, recently a game Pokemon Go launched, in which object was treated as character of pokemon and shows how much distance between you and your pokemon has. This was quite amazing. People loved lot, They was surprised as well it changed the gaming experience.

It is not the first time augmented Reality used, in 1964 US fighter plan already equipped with this technology where target distance, angles, expected time to reach are clearly shown in the the glass of the fighter plan, It was so accurate that merely any attack go vain.

In future Augmented reality going to change various industry, like manufacture industry,civil industry, gaming ,education. Device can be different like whether it would be mobile, helmet, spectacle it can be anything,but the cocept would remain same.

Employee who belongs to construction, can able to trace all information of the object through their helmet in real time. Like wise if we talk about marketting people can scan any image and get the latest vidos of the image.

But the main disadvantage of Augmented Reality is distraction, Google faced the ban on Google glass because of this. Because Google glass had many features, people can message, send email, call, scan the object and fetch the information while travelling, this could be dangerous and cause lot of accidents.

No one denying that It is useless, though there some cons but it would be great if it is properly used in learning and education, people will be benfited.

If you interest in development of AR apps you can go for few popular development tools. below are the few
AR toolkit