As we are moving towards new age of IT which is AI and Machine learning, It not only create threat to lot of people but also create new opportunities to younger mind. It seems lot of people having their passion in this field doing great. Lot of startup has groomed these days, lot of  tech companies provididing services and IT products and they have turnover in billion dollar. Due to advent of Machine learning or AI, Most of the job  automated now and in future it will achieve that extent of intelligence thateit can thought as human but as it is machine It will have EQ zero. What if we can automate our job or try new things in life, doing more research on our intrested topic and let the computer do our job which is quite often contain tedious and boring stuff. The prime motive of learning programming to build solution for complex problem. 

People are expert they know how to do the things but due to lack of coding knowlege they can't convert their experties into software and always stuck in complexities and take lot of time to achieve their targets. Yes it is possible to everyone to build the tools for themselves and for the business. Those days gone now when achieving these tools are costly and time consuming and one man doing all sort of jobs which is day to day basis. Now all these jobs can be done by bot. 

Learning progrmming is as simple as learning any new language, yes it might be boring in initial stage but in later, you will find yourself at better place to create something new innovative and working solution. You need to learn any one of the programming language by which you can command computer to do the task. Lot of programming language availalble you can try any one of them. most popular is (javascript,php,python,java,perl,ruby&rail)

It takes hardly 7-8 months when you find yourself in moderate level of experties and keeping it practise makes you perfect. Many companies are earning billion dollar as  a profit in IT industry. Now the job trend shows that maximum recruitment are done in IT business. Here you don't only know how to write the coding but your thinking skill also develop, you start thinking in logical way, and yes each and every stage you find yourself doing Root cause analysis which is not important only IT life but also in every sorts of life.

In comming 5 years It would be compulsory each and everyone students to have knowlege of programming one must pass to this test . Kendriya vidyalaya started course as computer science and Information practise to upbring the skill in intitial stage, Here the main advanatage is one needs laptop and internet that's it and yes passion and dedication is indespensible .

There is no doubt Future Job will be IT driven so lets start coding...and upbring the skill...
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