People who always blame that Indian education system is pathetic, they dont know about Indian education system at all, what we are seeing its not real picture of indian education system. This system came under british era, and still people following, the irony is people are educated but not spiritually,  thats why they are unable to understand why they are learning it, Are they going to get benefit out of it? or the whole society going to get benefit out of it?  what kind of benefit they will have after they acquire specific knowledge?
In ancient India, whole knowledge revolves around tarka(logic), vyakarnam(grammer), analysis of sacred scripture(Mimmamsa). People spend whole time to acquire the root cause of matter,  why things happen ? They dont acquire it to fulfill their personal amenitities but their spiritual needs and we cant deny their technologies are far better than ours. 

Many people of our era thinks ancient saints just waste their whole life only chanting mantras and upnishad but if we take a look they know very well,  what we must not learn and what we should learn but not beyond the limit. They beleive in balance and rigorous studies, thats why kings spend lots of money on temple and appoint spiritual gurus to teach the citizen. The whole education based on existence of God, The prime motive of education at that time was to make the pupils intellect spiritually, which result to lessen crimes and corruption. Its not necessary, in order to lessen crime you have to beleive in God, but yes if you realize the existence of God, you would think 1000 times to commit any crime.

Today people think they are very advance in technology and science but because of this we have been witnessing mass destruction,Global warming, pollution, diseases, crime and attrocities. We have various example how Osama billadin become terrorist as he was an engineer, Afzal guru, Ayman al-Zawahri top terrorist of Al-Quaida he is doctor,People see God in doctors but he is demon and big blot on the name of doctor.  We have developed advance weapons and missiles which is good but is there any guarantell they will not kill innocent people? We are launching satellites and congratulating us but we are not looking that it has hazardous effect on our stratosphere for more you can go to,,-203604,00.html

It is time to change our perception towards education, in every school sacred scripture must be included as a caricullam and made it compuslory. Good and responsible citizen is far better than enginner and doctor like Osama and Zawahari, Ancient upnashid and text is far better than todays books( which only include the knowledge of material stuff). The culture of materialism creating disparity between masses, people being judged as per their wealth not on the basis of their generousity and capability. Should I still belive that Indian education system is worst ?

India known as Viswa Guru(Global leader in Education) and ancient indian scriptures have all solution of todays problem, The Vedas, Puranas, Upnashids,Tevaram Saivaite, Divya Prabhanda Vaishnavite are the good source to enlighten our soul and mind, these scriptures has all scenarios and related solutions which are we facing todays.  to know more about these scriptures you can follow link