From ancient days our society was based on joint family culture. This joint family culture was till  the end of 20th century. From last decade of 20th century and beginning of 21st century, the concept of nuclear family was the starting time of nuclear family concept in wider range especially India. Nowadays the tradition of nuclear family is more popular. There are so many reasons to break up the joint family culture and growing up of nuclear family culture. The reasons are as follow:

In Joint family at least 3 or 4 generations live together. Generally only one or two member of the is /are earner, rest of the family members depend on him/them. Thus better caring of all family members become difficult. Due to this reason, dissatisfaction levels of maximum of family members become high.

More responsibilities are rest with the head/earner of the joint family. Other people of joint family, carry lighter or even no responsibilities,hence grievances develop.

It become difficult to fulfill the maximum requirements of all family members for a single earner, thus the maximum members of joint family not satisfied.

When The head of joint family/earner becomes bias in looking after of children. Then there will be more chances to develop nuclear family.

Most of newly married couples are not adjustable with joint family nowadays. The expectations of family members in joint family is more from newly introduced bride in the family and when she cannot fulfill their expectations, the separation of that couple from family takes place.

Nowadays people of our society want to live luxurious life. The concept of simple living and high thinking become the thing of past. So the need to survive in day to day life is more. Hence it is difficult to maintain the requirements in limited resources. 


In joint family all family members live together, hence they live happily.

If every individual of joint family carry their responsibilities more or less, any difficult work becomes easier while in nuclear family there is a limited scope.
Children bring up in joint family get more exposure of the society and it is easier to bring up the children where as in nuclear family it is little bit difficult.

In joint family all family members sit together and discuss the problems with them but in nuclear family only parents and children are there to sit and discuss on the problem.
In nuclear family, a person can spend more time with his/her family as compare to joint family. (Here his/her family means wife, husband and children).

In joint family the family members celebrate festivals together as well as any sorrow borne by all members according to their capabilities while in nuclear family, individual has to bear and solve the problems.

The nuclear family lacks the benefits of elders experiences whereas joint family takes benefits of experiences of elders of the family. In my opinion it is a big advantage of joint family.

In the current scenario, there are so many things which help a person to build up his/her personality. Both the couple have to work to run the family smoothly. In this case elders of that family take care of children and couple could work without much stress.

 We lose many valuable experiences when we grow in nuclear family, while in joint family child grow up, he/she naturally tend to be more adjustive and caring as compared to nuclear family.

In joint family there is a lot of love, joy and affection for each other even in some deficiencies.

Joint family has some harmful effects like weaker person of the family becomes careless about his/her progression while in nuclear family weaker will always tries to become economically stronger as he/she knows that there is no one to help him/her.